What grade corresponds to each workbook?

God Is Love workbook – grades K – 1

Family of God workbook – graders 2 – 3

I Live My Faith workbook – graders 6 – 7

Mary, The First Disciple book – grades 9 – 10

The Spirit Alive book – grades 10 – 12

Missio Program – grades 12 into College

How long does it take to complete a workbook?

On average, God Is Love and Family of God take a minimum of three to six months to complete. I Live My Faith takes a minimum of four to eight months to complete. Mary, The First Disciple and The Spirit Alive programs take a minimum of nine to twelve months or more to complete. The Missio Program takes about 12 to 24 months to complete.

Please keep in mind that these are all average times, based on how much time you spend on the program at each meeting. Religious programs should not be done during a "regular" troop/group meeting.

How much are the books?

Currently, books for God is Love, Family of God, I Live My Faith, Mary, the First Disciple, and The Spirit Alive are only available through NFCYM. Prices range from $5 to $10 plus a separate shipping and handling charge.

Does the workbook come with a leader's guide?

The leader's guide is part of the workbook (not a separate book) for the God Is Love, Family of God and I Live My Faith workbooks. For the Mary, the First Disciple an Advisors book with the guide as part of the book is now available. A separate advisors guide is available for The Spirit Alive. These are also available through your diocese. Please contact them for their current charges.

How do I order the workbooks?

Books can be ordered directly through NFCYM's online store or through us using our Religious Programs Order Form.

How do I purchase the medals and patches?

Medals and patches can be purchased through us using our Religious Programs Order Form.

Where do I send the medal application forms?

The medal application forms included with the workbooks are to be completed by the youth and adult advisor. Once completed, they should be sent to us at the address listed below. Please do not mail them to the NFCYM office as this will slow down the awarding of the medals.

For further details regarding the religious recognition programs, email philaccgscf@gmail.com.