Patch Programs

We offer several religious patch programs that add to the faith formation of youth. Our patch programs are easy and written with appropriate materials and requirements for all ages.

Patch programs do not require training. Everything you need is available here on our website using the link below. We only ask that you register your group with us when you begin, so we are prepared for your patch order when you have finished.

In addition to these local programs, the National Catholic Committee offers two patch series and other special patches to help promote catholic identity.


The Rosary patch series is a new program designed for 1st grade through Adult to encourage youth and adults to learn more about their faith and pray the rosary. The requirements are divided into age levels: 1st thru 5th grade and 6th grade thru Adult. Once the requirements are completed you can place an order with the Catholic Committee for that patch section. It is not necessary to send in the completed form.

This Rosary Patch series consists of five separate patches. The center patch depicts Our Lady of Fatima and is earned by doing the Praying the Rosary section. For each of the Mysteries there is a rocker which goes around the center patch.


This program was designed for all grades with appropriate story and activities for each level. It gives youth the opportunity to learn more about the Patron Saint for Girl Scouts. During the process they girls also see how faith can work in mysterious ways and what an excellent role model of faith in God this very young saint was.


This program is designed to give girls the opportunity to read and learn about Saint Thérèse of Lisieux and her “Little Way”. It also encourages them to grow closer to Jesus by following the example of the Little Flower and doing all things with great love. We are hoping that the girls will learn of St. Thérèse, great spirituality and that you do not need to do big things to gain heaven but it is in the little everyday things we do that we please Jesus and gain heaven.